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Manifest your dreams through your heart with feminine power


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Step into your feminine leadership, igniting the spark that is already within you, and step into your true potential!

Take the leap of faith and commit to your dream

Embark on the journey to find and live your true life purpose

Do this with grace and ease being supported by a loving and supporting sisterhood

Never before have this many Scandinavian leading female transformational teachers been connected in an online summit, ready to support, teach and inspire their fellow sisters to rise and shine!

This summit is an amazing opportunity to learn from 23 highly respected female Scandinavian teachers and entrepreneurs. In the summit you will discover how these women activated their inherent feminine power and stepped into their purpose and manifested their deepest desires and dreams.

Join us and be part of this supporting, loving and caring sisterhood and be inspired to discover how you can unleash your true potential!


As a woman do recognize one or more of the following sentences.

  • I am sensing that there is something great for me to do in this world
  • I have a deep desire to make an impact, but I don’t quite know how to unleash my potential
  • I feel that something inside me is longing to be expressed in the world, but I don’t quite know what it is yet
  • I already have a clear vision of what I want to create, but I don’t know where to start
  • I already have manifested my dream career, but I want inspiration in order to connect even deeper with my mission and life purpose
  • I feel that the world has yet to see my light and I want inspiration, guidance and support on how to unlock my potential

As the creator of this summit we know and recognize them all.
But we know that every woman has the potential to unleash their highest potential and that is what we are here to inspire you to do.


Learn from World-Class Inspiring Teachers. The Scandinavian Female Empowerment Summit creates the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential teachers in Scandinavia.

You will find both video interviews and podcasts. The host in the video interviews will be Jannecke Øinæs while your host for the podcasts will be Inger Hjort.

Speakers you will meet in video interviews

Anne Skare Nielsen

From uncertainty to a clear direction

Dora Thorhallsdottir

How to practice self love and having a supportive mind set

Maria Stadell

Investigate your believes and practical ways to follow your dream and inner voice

Kirsten Stendevad

How to show up as a strong and sensual women

Trine Berge 

How to treat your body as a divine tempel

Annika Panotzki

Learn to let mother nature guide you and surrendering to Life

Yvonne Frank Månsson

About creative sisterhood receiving guidance from your soul

Maria Nyegaard

How to raise your vibration to be able to attract and create what makes you feel joy

Anja Steensig

Following your intuition and inner wisdom

Annabell Stefanus

Annabell Stefanussen

Learn to become aware of your communication with others and transform your relationships.

Toyni Fürstenau Johansen

Learn “The language of energy” and live an empowered life.

Dr Sanna Ehdin 

Choosing a healthier lifestyle

Speakers you will meet in the podcasts

Jannecke Øinæs is the founder of Wisdom From North which was created in 2012 from a deep desire to understand more of life’s mysteries and to share wisdom. Through video interviews on YouTube and live interview evenings in Oslo Jannecke has inspired thousands of people. She has interviewed over 400 people from all around the world including Byron Katie, Teal Swan, Matt Kahn, Evette Rose, Anita Moorjani, Eben Alexander, Lorna Byrne, Sri Mooji, Akiane Kramarik, Jon Schau, Linn Stokke, Audun Myskja, Ellen Vahr, Kathrine Aspaas, Kjell Magne Bondevik, Anja Edin and many more and 27 000 people follow her weekly videos. Wisdom From North is a Co-Creation project supported by donations from viewers and from people being interviewed.

Jannecke is also the creator of Wisdom & Wonder-live interviews in Oslo, where she invites Norwegians as well as international guests to the stage in front of a live audience to speak about the existential questions of life.


Inger Hjort founded Connecte in 2015. Her dream and life mission is to raise consciousness in the world because she believes that this is the first step to peace. She helps speakers and trainers sharing transformational messages by helping them facilitate workshops and training.  She also produces podcasts with inspiring people she meets along her way on her journey of self discovery.  Amongst her guests you will find Danish and other international speakers such as Kirsten Stendevad, Ibora Zant, Gitte Jørgensen, Baptist de Pape, Roger Castillo and Søren Hauge. Every second month Inger organizes her own talkshows inviting guests on to the stage to reflect around topics like:  how to get close relationships, what is love, what is the language of love and much more.



Is that every woman in the world would follow their inner calling which is whispering from within their soul, urging them to take action.

When one woman transforms her inner world and step into her feminine power, she automatically liberates other women and helps them to do the same.

“Don’t worry about being successful but work towards being significant and the success will naturally follow.”

Oprah Winfrey