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Receive the possibility to watch and listen to all the material in your own time and your own pace.

By purchasing the material you will receive access to all the inspirational videos and audio-videos from the “The Scandinavian Female Empowerment Summit 2018” after the summit has aired online, and you will get to keep the content in 6 months! (Until September 1st).


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Never before have Scandinavian female transformational speakers been connected through a common online platform.

Get access to all videos consisting of interviews with 23 highly recognized Scandinavian female transformational teachers and entrepreneur where they share there advices on

  • how to follow your heart
  • how to listen to your own inner voice
  • what skills are needed for the future
  • how to take care of your body through nutrition to receive more energy
  • how to raise your frequency
  • how to create with feminine power
  • how to surrender to a higher intelligence and have trust and faith in your path
  • why your creation is important to the world and much much more…

Receive the opportunity to:

  • Listen and watch the material in your own time
  • Taking information from both videos and podcasts during a three day summit can feel overwhelming. Giving yourself the opportunity to own the material and have access to it over a longer period of time, gives you the possibility to absorb and integrate the content without feeling stressed about missing out on something important. Give yourself the gift of going through the material at your own pace, making sure that you are taking full advantage of what this unique summit has to offer.
  • Support Wisdom of Today in making more platforms and events with the intention of inspiring women to follow their inner potential, so that we can all make a difference-together in this world

Access will end September 1st 2018.


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