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Learn from World-Class Inspiring Teachers

In the all the sections of the mind, body and soul you will find three video interviews and two podcasts.


Anne Skare Nielsen

If you’ve ever felt confused about which direction you should choose for your future, then you have definitely found the right person. Anne is both a tornado that can lift you up and expand your horizon, as well as the calm eye of the storm that brings focus and peace of mind. Anne works with both small, local and large multi-national organizations and is frequently active in the media, including the popular radio show “The Philosopher, The Writer and The Futurist.” Additionally, she has had her own science program om national television. Although Anne is in great demand as a lecturer and provocateur all over the world, her heart lies with the people who “can & will”: those who are passionate about what they do, and believe that dedicated work will make all the difference.

Anne’s vision is to win the Nobel Peace Prize and her crowning achievements will include transforming journalism, politics and education. She is the mother of four wild boys and married to the love of her life. Anne was born in Denmark in 1971, is a graduate in biology and political science, an alumni from Wharton and Columbia, and has a penchant for science fiction movies, deep conversations with visionary leaders, and champagne. Anne’s current favorite quote is: “Smart has plans, stupid has stories”. http://futurenavigator.dk/

Dora Thorhallsdottir

Dora is a well known stand up comedian in Norway. She has done highly acclaimed shows such as “Det var ikke sånn det skulle bli” (It wasn’t supposed to end up like that” and “Familiegreier” (Family stuff). She has also been nominated in the Norwegian “Comedian awards”. Dora is a therapist and she founded the EQ institute in Norway in 2006 together with her mother where educate therapist and give therapy sessions. Dora is known also for her many talks and seminars. http://eqi.no/

Maria Stadell

Maria is a creative & intuitive leader of following the inner voice and allowing what comes from inside manifesting in the world. Through workshops, courses online, blog and you tube channel, Maria guides women to find their own inner guidance, their creative flow and to create a sustainable life, free of stress and achievement. Maria has created different online programs, founded one of Stockholm’s first raw food cafes, wrote the book ”Raw Fika” 2016 and now current with her two latest creative projects: Soul Whisper and She Creates – two online courses for creative women! Maria loves the beauty of life; roses, snow, stillness, tears, massage, dance and to softly embrace each and every day. Right now, Maria lives in a cute little cottage just outside Stockholm with the man of her life that she married half a year ago  www.mariastadell.se

Annabell Stefanus

Annabell Stefanussen

Annabell is the founder of the concept (Fredsarbeid i heimen) Peace Work in the family. This concept was created because she herself had struggeled as a mother with her two sons. She views the mother’s role as the world’s leading leadership role and believes it is a very important contribution to peace in the world. When women and mothers realize that they are role models and leaders in the family, it will affect future generations in a very humane and positive way.

Annabell has 10 years of education from Norsk Gestaltinstitutt AS. She has supervised managers and mothers for 10 years and over the last two years she has developed her own online concept where she is teaching mothers online. She reaches out to thousands of women across the country.

The vision is to take this internationally and create a separate Youtube channel so she can continue to educate and inspire women all over the world.


Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas is a Norwegian journalist, entreprenour and public speaker.
She is author of the bestselling books The Age of Generosity and Pink is the new Punk.
Kathrines philosophy on vulnerability, transparency and the art of being flawsome has turned into a movement in Norway.
She is a TEDx-talker and Huffington Post-blogger, and her new book The Emotion Revolution will be launched in March 2018.


avalon khan

Avalon Khan 

Avalon is a Young heart driven entrepreneur that hold space for women to follow their hearts and bring love into action. It fills her heart to be on stage and inspire others to take there stage- in life. She is the founder of the podcast and education “Love Leader “, she hold playshops, events and educations for heart women. www.avalonkhan.dk

Bea Dominic

Bea Dominic 

Bea is an international inspirational speaker and teacher. The tangible effects of her dedicated spiritual practice and deep devotion are a true inspiration for women and men around her. Bea supports people to take 100% responsibility for their own life and to find entry toward a deeper intimacy with themselves, their partner and with life.

She is the founder and the spiritual space holder of “The Art of Intimacy”, a couples program for everyone that want to take their relationship to the level of an spiritual practice, “The Awakened Women”, a program for sisterhood and wisdom, of deeper sexuality and love and “Sistars” that is her spiritual program for teenagers girls.

If you want to bring back the magic in your life and in your relationships, then this is your woman.



Kirsten Stendevad

Kirsten Stendevad is a visionary frontrunner, international # 1 bestselling author, public speaker, feminine business mentor, transformational teacher, wife and mother of three. She is the founder and SHE-EO of Illumina International Feminine Leadership Academy, where she helps women develop their unique leadership and create extraordinary results at home, at work and in the world. Her latest book The Future is Feminine – 7 Pillars of 21st Century Leadership that take you and your Business from Great to Extraordinary is currently available in Danish (Fremtiden er Feminin – 7 Spilleregler i det 21. Århundredes Lederskab) and will be published in English 11.11.18. You can download a free summary of the book and a guide to achieving more with less at www.kirstenstendevad.com

Trine Berge

Yoga teacher, Raw food chef & wellness coach/author. Trine Berge introduced superfood in Norway in the 90’s and is one of the leading pioneers of the superfood and raw food industry in Scandinavia. In 1998, she started what is known as Supernature today, the largest superfood brand in Norway and was a part of for 14 years.

Trine has authored several books in Norway, including the bestseller “Supermat” and her latest book Rawfood.She is a certified raw food chef who graduated from from Matthew Kenney’s world renowned culinary raw food academy in Los Angeles. Another big passion for Trine is inner work, meditation and yoga and are a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Trine is dedicated to living a holistic lifestyle that not only consists of a healthy balanced diet, but also yoga, meditation and detox. She proclaims, “I love life and want to celebrate it by embracing health, nutrition and exercise!” Through her books, classes and retreats. Her focus is that health should also be playful, provide wellness, vitality and energy to create the life you dream about. www.trineberge.com

Dr Sanna Ehdin, PhD

Dr Sanna Ehdin has spent 20 years inspiring thousands of people to choose a healthier lifestyle. She has a holistic approach that includes everything from self-healing and nutrition to relationships, empowerment and spirituality.

Dr Sanna is a pioneer in the Swedish health movement. Her book “The Self healing Human (1999)” truly put her on the map. Since then she has published 15 bestselling books that have sold more than one million copies in 10 countries. She has lectured for over 100,000 people, she appears in media frequently and her social media platforms reaches 300–500 000 people weekly.

She co-founded Dr Sannas AB in 2015 with the goal to make it easy to be healthy, and her plan is to take Swedish Health to the world.

Sanna has 12 years of Biomedical research followed by 25 years of studies of Self-Healing, healthy foods and lifestyles. She is a digital nomad with bases in Sweden, California and Perth, Western Australia. More info on www.ehdin.com

Annika Panotzki

Annika Panotzki, the “Urban Shaman” is a modern spiritual leader initiated by the lineage of Inca Shamanism and the indigenous of the Andes. Her vision is to reawaken the ancient wisdom in our modern society. She creates circles for women to evolve, transform & empower themselves.
Annika holds Moon circles, powerful ceremonies, shamanic healing sessions and is the co creator of the platform Risingsisterhood.com She just launched her shamanic training “Medicine Woman Training-Awakening of the Shaman”. Annika holds a deep knowledge in plants, herbs, superfoods and food for the energy system. Her first book will be launch in autumn.
Visit her at www.urbanshaman.se
Anja Vintov

Anja Vintov 

FLOW Specialist, Author, Mum, Entrepreneur. Anja has this rare ability to spot whatever blocks the natural everyday flow of a human being, providing hands on solutions at a very high rate of success for both body, mind and soul.

She teaches her concept Dare To Flow in Denmark and around the world and provides courses and education for modern people seeking to optimise and navigate their personal and professional flow. Anja has a great gift for seeing peoples hidden potential and helping them reach past the fears standing in the way of their true expression.

Anja has 10 years in the corporate world, former dancer and fitness athlete. She has been an entrepreneur for 17 years and has studied fear, courage and flow for over a decade inspiring thousands of people to create a bigger life for themselves – both personally and professionally.


Sara Torvallbach

Sara Torvallbach 

Sara is a danish visionary creative, a Nordic New Paradigm Speaker, founder of the No Stress Academy and mentor programme, Your Body is Your Boss, and runs the succesful consultancy, Let’s Build Your Business, where she helps people find a business and a life that truly fulfils them.

She’s a fierce advocate for living from the heart and spirituality is a central pillar in her life, which has resulted in bringing beautiful and magical cacao circles, to the lands of the North from her other home, Bali. These cacao circles give women a space to connect to themselves and each other, a remembering of who they are and a source of empowerment so, they can juice up, power up and show up, in a loving way in their own lives and out in the real world. When Sara isn’t consulting and mentoring, she’s out at speaking events, holding cacao-circles, doing workshops and retreats in Bali or writing on her blog.

You can follow Sara’s work and upcoming events at www.saratorvallbach.com

Linn Stokke

Linn Stokke

Linn is a public speaker, yoga teacher and trauma therapist. She teaches at the Yin Yoga Academy in Oslo and assists on the advanced trauma specialist training course NARM in Denmark and Norway. Linn has her own private clinic and travels widely in Norway with her workshops and lectures:

  • Living Your Best Life Every Day
  • Finding Peace Though the Body

Her book ”From Grief” is recommended by the Centre for Crisis Psychology, Bergen and by the Centre for Life Aid, Oslo.

TRYM and The Secret Colour was made into a TV program for children and translated into Japanese.

Her CD MIndfulnesss: Your Unused Potential is now being printed again in it’s 8th edition.

Linn is also one of the co-authors of Change Through Pain (2017).

Visit her website linnstokke.no


Anja Steensig

Anja Steensig is an inspirational speaker, spiritual mentor and healer from Denmark. She is best known for her many years on television where she hosted various shows on DR, TV2 and TV3, before she left the mediabusiness to dedicate herself to sharing the message of compassion and to teach how we can connect to our hearts. The part of ourselves that holds our truth, our intuition and our capacity for love. In order to live our lives from a place of compassion, self compassion, connectedness and clarity. www.anjasteensig.dk

Yvonne Frank Månsson
Author and publisher at Siljan Måsar Publishing House. Self-employed since 1986 and qualified correspondent abroad, health adviser and Creative Producer. In 2008 she received the first message from universal intelligence through automatic writing and has since then received several hundred messages containing “keys” to the awakening of mankind. With the backing and collaboration, Yvonne started the publishing house and was guided by the universal light the whole time – it exists inside of every single one of us.n www.siljansmasar.com

Publishing House Siljans Måsar is a spiritual voice for authors that use the good and healing word in their work, taken from years of life experience including pain, fear and sorrow – wisdom, filled by the power of forgiveness and faith in life. We are publishing spiritual, self-healing and channeling books, within the genre of philosophy of life and metaphysics, with the mission to spread the Light of North, and with the aim of keeping and enhance the Good Word and the Love in our hearts and minds – for you and Mother Earth.

Maria Nyegaard

Through a lifetime of asking questions, acknowledging her sense that there’s more to the human being and to life than meet the eye, Maria Nyegaard embarked upon her inner and outer journey, with the purpose of finding her own truth and align with her higher purpose. In 2015 she founded Human Liberation, to assist in the big transformation now happening on Earth and raising the human collective consciousness. She is also now in the process of establishing a new platform and web page that is going to hold the energy and inspiration of how to actually live and thrive in a new vibration.

By example, she wants to show how life is always a materialization and a mirror of the thoughts and feelings we consciously or unconsciously hold inside, and that it is through evolved awareness of these mental and emotional patterns that we’re able to course correct and align more with our soul purpose. Her work includes writings, workshops, speeches, coaching on how to transform our inner platform from one of victimhood to one of empowerment, where we reclaim our power within and understand that everything happens FOR us, and that it is from this heart space magic happens, creating with excitement, flow and ease. A shift from the masculine push to the feminine pull. www.humanliberation.net

Toyni Fürstenau Johansen

Toyni is a spiritual coach and business mentor. Her gift is to see the resources and the potential in human beings, and in companies. Within these resources and potential lies the unique quality of the human being or the company, and further possibility for growth and expansion.

After having identified the potential – she is working according to what she calls “The language of energy”.

In retreats and workshops she teaches “The language of energy” so people are able to use this as a tool to become more aware of themselves as resourceful beings and living life from a state of resourcefulness.



Eva Andrea

Eva Andrea 

When we are awakening, a profound and challenging journey begins. The Danish author, Eva Andrea, breathes to inspire and help women – who have answered the calling of their beautiful souls. In her recent book she shares her wondrous, and at times, rocky road home.

Eva Andrea roots for sisterhood, and has created a living community of kindred spirits: Soulsisters Circle. Through online programs and retreats in the Beach House by the Mediterranean Sea, she inspires her sisters to walk their own unique hero’s journey.

A walk by the sea, collecting stones and shells, reading and writing are some of Eva Andreas favorite things. Many books have come to life here. And more to come. She lives with her soulmate and their four children, under the sweet blue sky in Alicante.


Gitte Jørgensen

Gitte Jørgensen

Gitte is a Danish spiritual teacher, journalist, coach and public speaker. She is author of the bestselling books “Simple Living”, “Pippi Power” and “The calling of the soul – create the life you are longing for”. All books are published in more editions in the Scandinavian countries. The last book “The calling of the soul” was “The Book of the Month” in the Norwegian book club “Energica” in February 2017. During more than ten years Gitte has been traveling in Denmark and Norway giving seminars and talks on “how to break old pattern and your old story and how to build up the new “you” – the person who you really want to be and have the potential to become”. Gitte has often appeared in Danish and Norwegian media for instance “Skavland” and TV2 “Go’ Morgen Norge”. www.gittejoergensen.dk

Ewa da Cruz 

Ewa da cruz is the Artist behind Aurora Spirits Soul drenched Sacred Art pieces that seeks to both nurture our spiritual foundation and push out of self made boundaries in every day life.

Each piece is uniquely sculptured, for the body and mind. Artfully balanced between edgy & earthy, protective & peaceful, sleek & elegant totems that seeks to nourish and hold space in the most gentle way in our Sacred Sanctuaries.

Visit https facebook.com/auroraspiritsnewyork/

Soulaima Gourani

Soulaima Gourani

Soulaima’s vision is to change the world to a better more tolerant place through trade, business, and via relations between countries and people.


  • the founder of Tradeconductor.com – World peace through trade and CEO of GETcapitalaid.com .
  • a motivational speaker and philanthropist with approx. 200 public talks/year around the world (Scandinavia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Morocco, UK, Israel, Sri Lanka, Burma/Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Spain, Greenland, Greece, China, Lebanon, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Bahrain, Thailand, Venezuela and the U.S).
  • an advisor to major companies on customer loyalty, strategic networking and change management and employee motivation and future of business (how to design sustainable products that that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment).
  • has worked as an advisor/and/or speaker for clients e.g. Harvard Kennedy University, Samsung, Aberdeen, DuPont, LEGO, McKinsey, DELL, Microsoft, Stanford University, IDC Herzliya, Leo Pharma, Genzymes, Adecco, Alk Abello, Aon Hewitt, Nordic Business Forum, BMW, Citroen, Colliers, Diageo, Cisco, Dong Energy, HULT Business school, Ernst & Young, FL Smidth, H. Lundbeck, IBM, GLOWORK, TDC, SimCorp, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Danske Bank, and Deloitte, Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and many many many more …
  • an expert in Behavioural Sciences Education and Skills to the World Economic Forum
  • the author of 3 books and contributor to more than 16 books.
  • on the board of a wide range of private and public companies including Global Dignity (New York), Miracle Foundation (Austin), Chickstarter (New York) as well as Chair of Global Dignity Denmark (globaldignity.org).

Find further information at www.soulaima.com

Hilde Kloppbakken

Life is more fun when you design it yourself!

Hilde Kloppbakken is THE coach for entrepreneurial women looking to make their online business dreams a reality. She’s all about creating semi-automated businesses that give women (just like you!) the freedom to travel the world, the power to profoundly enjoy their lives and even just the space to sleep more. All of that, while giving you exactly what you need to delight your clients, day after day.

Find more information at www.girlonfire.no